We believe that everyone needs a family

We know that not everyone has had positive experiences with family, friends, or church. But even when we feel alone, God is with us. 

Our goal is to be a family where anyone can belong and everyone will be loved as brothers and sisters in Christ because of the kinship that we share in Jesus.

That’s why we’ve designed our worship service for ages 18 and over. Everyone needs a family.

Join us for our Sunday Service.

We meet every Sunday from 4-6 PM at Grace Community Church in Auburn, ME.

Ages 18 and Over Only

Our goal is to make The Well a safe and comfortable place for anyone to worship, regardless of their background.


We start every week with a meal so we can spend time with each other and share what God has given us.


We spend about 10-15 minutes sharing about our week and praying for each other.


Our teaching time is very informal. It follows more of a discussion format where everyone can share and ask questions.


Join us as we sing praises to God with our worship team.

Contact Us

We meet at Grace Community Church in Auburn, Maine, every Sunday from 4-6 PM. 

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